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Krispy Krunchy 12 Piece Dark Fried Chicken

12 piece

Krispy Krunchy 12 Piece Mixed Fried Chicken

12 Piece

Krispy Krunchy Medium Chicken Tender Tray

25 ct.

Rotisserie Chicken


Krispy Krunchy Red Beans & Rice Cup

16 oz. Cup

Fresh Baked Biscuits 6 count

For Local Deliveries Only

Krispy Krunchy 16 Piece Mixed Fried Chicken

16 Piece

Krispy Krunchy 25 piece Dark Fried Chicken

25 Piece

Krispy Krunchy 25 piece Mixed Fried Chicken

25 Piece

Krispy Krunchy Large Fries


Krispy Krunchy 12 Piece Cajun Tenders

12 Piece

Krispy Krunchy 4 Piece Cajun Tenders

4 Piece

Krispy Krunchy 8 Piece Cajun Tenders

8 ct.

Krispy Krunchy Large Chicken Tender Tray

50 Count

Buffalo Wing Tray (Medium)

50 ct.

Large Fruit Tray


Medium Fruit Tray


Small Fruit Tray


No Image

Small Vegetable Tray

12 Inch Tray

No Image

King's Hawaiian Roll Sandwiches w/Ham

24 ct.

Large Sandwich Tray (Ham, Turkey, Roast Beef)

100 Sandwiches

No Image

Large Sandwich Tray Chicken & Tuna Salad

50 ct. Chicken Salad & 50 ct. Tuna Salad

Small Sandwich Tray (Ham, Turkey, Roast Beef)

24 Sandwiches

Baked Spiral Cut Ham

10-11 lb. Avg

Baked Turkey with Gravy

10-12 lb Avg.

Chicken & Sausage Gumbo

Large (Serves 20-25)

Chicken Alfredo (Large Pan)

Serves 30-35

Chicken Alfredo (Medium Pan)

Serves 20-25

Chicken Jambalaya (Large Pan)

Serves 30-35

Chicken Jambalaya (Medium Pan)

Serves 20-25