About Us

In the early 1930's, without a penny in his pocket, Eustis Fremin fled from northern Louisiana to Port Sulphur hoping to get hired on with the booming refinery of Freeport Sulphur Company. While waiting for an opening to pop up, he stumbled upon a job with an elderly owner of a small grocery store operating in the same area as the refinery. Eustis soon realized that this was what he really wanted to do. In 1939, the elderly man offered Eustis a great deal on the business in reward for Eustis’s hard work and dedication towards the old man and his grocery store. Fremin’s Food Market has been in operation ever since.


On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina devastated Port Sulphur and the surrounding areas including Fremin’s Food Market. But with the same attitude as Eustis Fremin, his son’s and grandson’s quickly bounced back by opening and operating out of a 28X50 modular building just three months later. On March 22, 2007, Fremin’s Food Market reopened as a full service, remodeled food market bigger and better then ever.